Augmented Reality Showcase

Through our collaboration with more than 10 Museums, we have been developing many Augmented Reality modules.

These modules have been designed to be intuitive and to add something to the visitors’ cultural experience.

Augmented Book

Here visitors can turn pages of books located under a glass display.

Apparition of a character

This has been developed for an escape game taking place in Creil Museum (France).

Instant translation

Here we translate text from a roman gravestone, from Latin to French

Movie scenes repositioned in the street

Here we reposition movie scenes in streets with Augmented Reality.
The movie scene in this video was filmed in 1980.

Interactive artwork

Here we make an artwork interactive. All the related content is divided into different parts, that the visitor can activate by selecting the related part of the artwork.

Guiding System

This use iBeacons technology to guide a visitor to a particular artwork.







Historical Sketches projected in Augmented Reality

Here teenagers have imagined and played little sketches about the history of a Castle. We projected these sketches in augmented reality in the Castle.



Augmented Dance

Here a dance performance is recorded in a specific place, and projected again, very precisely, in the same place.

Augmented Panorama


Reveal the past of an artwork

This has been developed for an escape game taking place in Creil Museum (France).

We start from an object which is in the exhibition space, and we use AR to surround this object by a video explaining its past.

Reveal artworks which are not exhibited



Show the different steps in the creation of a painting.